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Requesting a Proclamation or Special Recognition

Proclamations and special recognitions typically must have a specific connection to Del City, such has highlighting an event taking place in Del City, or honoring a Del City community member.  Proclamations or special recognitions may be read at a City Council meeting or at the community event being recognized, depending entirely on the schedule of the Mayor.  The requesting party will receive an original of the document.


  • When requesting a proclamation or special recognition, we ask that you provide neatly typed draft language for the document.
  • The draft language should contain enough factual information to make at least four points.
  • Draft language may be edited or revised without notice at the discretion of the Mayor.
  • As proclamations and special recognitions are within the discretion of the Mayor, some requests may not be granted.
  • Requests for a proclamation or special recognition need to be made at least three weeks prior to the date the document is needed.
  • The requestor needs to provide their contact information, including name, address and phone number, and, if applicable, email address.


Please direct requests for a proclamation or a special recognition by email to the City Secretary or contact Mayor Floyd Eason.