City-Wide Garage Sale

Garage Sale sign    

The City of Del City take pleasure in providing opportunities to its citizens when potential presents itself. Mid-September of each year the City Council has permitted the citizens of Del City an opportunity to engage in a city-wide garage sale.

The city-wide garage sale is open to all the citizens of Del City at no charge with only a few requirements. A garage sale permit is still required as normal at no charge to the citizens and each individual receives two free garage sale signs when they sign up to participate.

Permits and signs are available at City Hall, 3701 S.E. 15th Street in the Community Service Department (Permits & Licensing) - (405) 670-7314.

2018 City-Wide Garage Sale is scheduled Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, September 14th, 15th and 16th.
2018 City-Wide Garage Sale
2018 City-Wide Garage Sale Address List

For more information concerning the City-Wide Garage Sale Contact:

Monica Cardin at or (405) 670-7315 or

Geranium Carrington at or (405) 670-7312.